Caring For Your Fjelsted Nord Cutting or Serving Board


Wood is a living thing. It moves, it changes. Many of the changes you’ll see will contribute to enhanced character in your wood board over time. Sometimes, however, changes in the wood can cause a cutting or serving board to warp, crack or bend, rendering it unusable in the kitchen. These are the types of changes we aim to avoid.

Prior to shipment, we treat our cutting and serving boards with Brett Smør, an in-house solution we made to protect our boards for long years of use. While you do not need to use Brett Smør, a similar solution is recommended.

Brett Smør, translated 'Board Butter', is our go-to for maintaining Fjelsted Nord cutting boards. Born in our Minnesota Woodshop, this board conditioner is more than your average mix of beeswax and mineral. Our solution contains these ingredients, too, but we've gone a bit further, adding Coconut Oil, Sesame Seed Oil, and FDA approved scented essential oils. The goal is not only a longer lasting board - but a rejuvenated, grain-popping one. When we crafted this solution, we wanted the best for our Fjelsted Nord cutting boards. We didn't want you to miss out, either.


Apply a single thin layer of Brett Smør Board Butter on one surface of your board at a time. Gently work in the board butter until it fully absorbs, then let rest for 15 minutes. Using a clean cloth, buff to your desired finish.